Laying Low

Support black music, black people, and never forget the roots of this gift to all of us- post the David Guetta article, you see how easy it is for history to be misconstrued. 

Fall is officially here and its time to grind. I’ve spent the past few months promoting and staying busy, but as of late have had an extreme drive to get back into whats really important to me, the music- not the hype. Being actively involved in social media for years of ones life can often be extremely distracting, and not to mention stressful. I know we’ve all been there; scrolling social media aimlessly, feeling sorry for ourselves while seeing other people “living their best lives” and what not. It can all be quite overwhelming at times, and its totally okay to take a few steps back to focus on your damn self for a while. I honestly don’t know how healthy it could be to know peoples every move, gig, setback, or milestone anyway. I suppose its all about finding a healthy balance, which goes for many things in life. Sometimes I get frustrated about the state of things in regards to music, yet can only appreciate the frustration as it often makes me want to work harder and smarter. Whats also important to me is this here blog, and what will come of it as time progresses. I want to feature and celebrate all the amazing black people contributing to the culture, and I will try my best to do that here, and though my NTS radio slot.

I’ve gotten a few emails and requests for some of the tracks on my Truants mix, so I decided to drop the track list here. I really appreciate everyone who has taken the time to listen or reach out to me personally to tell me they enjoyed it. This mix includes music from some very close to me, some I hold in very high regard, and some who stay inspiring me musically. I never intentionally plan to record a mix that features about 90% black artists, but as I mentioned in the interview, black music is what resonates most with my soul, and I think its important that this music be embraced and played as much as possible. Please do not tell me its not about race, because many will never experience the joy and freedom that I feel as a black woman playing black music that was born in exact same city as myself. Playing black music in a country that doesn’t want me here, yet and still doing it with a smile. Knowing all of that, and being able to play this music freely not only in America, but across the world is a phenomenon that I will forever recognize. Black people, and black culture has had a profound influence on the world, and frankly, the world would be stale without it. Support black music, black people, and never forget the roots of this gift to all of us- post the David Guetta article, you see how easy it is for history to be misconstrued.

  1. Cromie- Informal Path (Stefan Ringer Remix)
  2. Atjazz- Facet of Jazz
  3. Karizma- Tech This Out
  4. Byron The Aquarius- Nights in Jakarta
  5. Javonntte- Sweet Midnight Dub
  6. Patrice Scott- Movin It
  7. King Britt, Oba Funke- Uzoamaka (Nuno Dos Santos Bonus Beats)
  8. Submission- Women Beat Their Men (Celvin’s Peak Hour Dub)
  9. Patrice Scott- Be Free
  10. Mr. G.- My Farda’s Father (Sound Bouy Dub)
  11. A Made Up Sound- Rework
  12. Stefan Ringer, Kai Alce- Simple Confusion
  13. WBeeza- Bizzle Boogie
  14. Waajeed- Strength (Jon Dixon Remix)
  15. Peven Everett- Feelin You In And Out
  16. DJ Aakmael- Spreadsomluv
  17. Son Of Sound- Please Stand By And Move
  18. Steven Julien- Bloodline

Author: Ash Lauryn

Ash Lauryn is a DJ, Writer, and Radio Host from Detroit, currently based in Atlanta.

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